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Quality Plants Europe (QPE) was launched at the start of 2021, and is an initiative by De Vreede Holland and Hulst Tuinplanten. We are joining forces with other large and renowned suppliers of garden and house plants in Quality Plants Europe. This caters to the development of economies of scale in the sector, the desire amongst exporters and retailers to differentiate themselves in the market, and the need for greater efficiency in the supply chain from producer to consumer.

Quality Plants Europe is reliable, makes life easier and brings innovation to the point of sale

Our mission

Quality Plants Europe is a growers’ organisation that provides added value for its customers. With a team of specialists we make life easier for retailers who purchase on a large scale.

Our approuch

We do that by supplying high quality products direct from the source. Working closely with the exporter and the end customer, we offer concepts, added value and themes that are appropriate for the retailer.


We guarantee that all the products that we sell have been produced responsibly. This is confirmed by the certificates of our partner breeders: such as the various MPS certificates, ISO 9001, Global G.A.P. Grasp, Planet Proof and GGN. Thus, together with our partner growers, we focus on sustainability and meeting national and international health and safety requirements.

The result will be to supply quality products in complete and shop-ready solutions for both garden and house plants.

Who is it for

Together with growers and exporters, we target retailers who purchase on a large scale. We are a partner of interest to these parties because we handle the entire process: from processing orders, assembly and logistics through to the marketing of the end product! We can do this by combining forces in the areas of sales, logistics, marketing, quality control and ICT. Our ambition for the future is to act as a reliable service provider for all links in the supply chain.

Do you have products that fit with our service, and do you as a grower feel drawn to our organisation?